Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Birthday party crafts for age 4 to 6

Sand Art
Each piece of paper come with pre-design pictures on it. The child will peal off the sticker and pour colourful sand on the sticky area. Spread the sand evenly with a toothpick and dust away the excess sand. Peal off another sticker for another colour to be placed on it. Continue until all stickers are pealed off and the pictures are filled with colourful sand.

Model Painting
Children like painting all kinds of object. So doing painting of doll, car, truck, house are fun activities that they enjoy. It also allow them to show their creativity with colours. This is easily available and each pack come with a set of multiples unpainted items, multiple paint brushes and colour paint.

Stained glass Frames
Make beautiful window art while learning about Mother Nature. 12 simple fun 6" x 6" designs (2 of each) focusing on air, land or water creatures. Decorate with tissue paper or stained glass paper sold separately below. Includes idea guide. Pack of 24.

The above craft are available on line, click the box below to view these craft and more. Key in the name of each item or key in "Craft" in the search box or click on the "art & craft supplies box".

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