Friday, April 11, 2014

When it comes to organising a Child Birthday Party and thinking of what to do to keep the children occupied and happy throughout the Birthday Party, it may seem challenging.  However, with some thoughts, you can create some easy tasks for them to do and I am sure they will be very happy and enjoy doing their craft.

Recently, I brought my child to a birthday party organised by my friend and I would like to share this craft that my child had made at the party.  It is easy yet interesting. It helps to bring out the creativity of each child and yet it is just very simple.

Basically, each child is given a drawing of a tree, what the kids have to do is to stick the various different types of buttons onto the trees to decorate it.  It takes a while to complete and keeps the children occupied, which saves the trouble of thinking up many different activities.  My daughter had enjoyed doing it and brought it home to hang up as display.

I hope sharing this provides you with more birthday party craft ideas!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Craft Idea: Make a Mural

Most craft ideas are geared to individuals, whether kids or adults. Sometimes you'd like to have a craft idea that works for a group of kids working together. Making a mural together is an idea that works for a group. By working together, you are creating something to decorate a shared area. Individual crafts can be displayed, but one unique item is often more effective than a group of items that are almost identical. In addition, sometimes kids' crafts, like it or not, just become clutter when they are taken home, and it isn't long before Mom throws it out. This craft idea of making a group mural can be displayed for several weeks and will not become clutter in anyone's home.

The basic materials for a kids' group mural is freezer paper. Freezer paper is about 18 inches wide, and it is very tough. One side is plastic coated. That is the side that is designed to be placed against the food. You will have better luck drawing on and gluing things onto the other side. Class or group murals can feature a number of different design elements. You can mix up some finger paint and let the children make hand prints (or even foot prints!) on the paper. You can let them scour old cast-off magazines and color catalogs for pictures they like and let them cut the pictures out and glue them on. They can add scribbles, designs, signatures, slogans, or pictures using markers, crayons, or gel pens. They can attach stickers to the mural as well. This craft idea is very flexible!

For making the mural, choose a topic that relates to the group in some way. If the group are girl scouts, for instance, and have been learning to camp, the mural can feature pictures of items related to camping. If you've been learning about dinosaurs, you can use them as a theme. If you want a really messy project that makes a cute mural for fall, mix up finger paint in fall colors. The children can each make a tree by first laying their forearm in brown paint. Then they lay their arm on the paper to make the trunk of the tree. They should spread out their fingers so their arm print has five short branches at the top. To make the leaves, the children make fingerprints all around the top of the tree using paints in other fall colors. If you add a few drops of dishwashing detergent to finger paint when mixing it up, it will be easier to clean off the children's arms. Do make sure they have old clothes or smocks for this craft idea.

Little preschoolers will like making a mural with an animal theme. You should probably find and cut out animal magazine pictures to start with, and then let the children choose the ones they like for gluing down. Glue sticks are neat to use with small children. They will paste some of the pictures upside down. Expect it and do not scold them. It is the process that is important in this craft idea. The children can also use animal cookie cutters dipped in finger paint to stamp animals on the mural, too. You may need to tape the paper to the table so it doesn't slide around while the children work.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Shop for birthday crafts

You may buy these ready party craft set on line from S&W worldwide. They have a wide range of craft items and pack in 20s or 30pcs or more for party purpose. The price is reasonable, go and do your shopping around and see what is best for your birthday theme and budget. - Your online bead store

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Alternatively, below are some e-book and e-materials on birthday crafts. These are cheap and helpful so get one for this birthday party.

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Birthday bracelet beading party

This is an article written by a birthday bracelet beading party organiser. She describes her experience of holding fun beading party. You may consider getting organiser like her for your child birthday party.

Beading for Fun and Profit: Bracelet Beading Birthday Parties
by Rena Klingenberg

A birthday bracelet beading party for girls age 5 and up is guaranteed to be a big hit. Most girls are thrilled with the opportunity to make jewelry, and parents appreciate that you're providing both the party favors (the bracelets the girls make to take home) and the party activity (making the bracelets).

I discovered this profitable home beading party niche by accident a few years ago when I was asked if I could do a jewelry make-and-take craft at a 9-year-old girl's birthday party. The girl's mom and I decided on gemstone bead bracelets because necklaces would be too expensive, and not everyone has pierced ears for earrings.

So I came to the birthday party with my bead boxes, bead boards for everyone, a tape measure, accuflex beading wire, little sterling silver toggle clasps, velvet pouches for everyone, and a couple of example bracelets.

I couldn't believe what a huge hit it was! The girls absolutely devoured the project and were thrilled to have real pearls and gemstones on their bracelets.

Now I get calls regularly asking me to come do a bracelet birthday bead party for another girl, and every time I do one, more parties get scheduled from it because the girls enjoy it so much.

Bracelet birthday parties are very easy to do, and they can also earn you a nice profit. I charge $15 per girl for parties of 9 or fewer girls, and $14 per girl for parties of 10 or more. I include a small velvet pouch for each girl to store her bracelet in.

I bring bead boxes that are organized by bead color - and as you might guess, pink and purple are DEFINITELY the most popular beads every time! Fortunately, rose quartz is very inexpensive! :o) Blue beads are the next most popular color. My birthday party beads all cost me $6 or less per 16" strand, and my average profit is around $10 to $12 per girl.

It usually takes me about an hour to get things ready to go to the birthday beading party, drive there, and set up; about another hour to do the bracelet activity with the girls; and another hour to put everything away, chat, eat a piece of birthday cake, give out bracelet birthday party flyers and business cards, and then drive home. So for 3 hours total, I usually net anywhere from $70 to $200 and have a lot of fun with the girls.

Birthday party activities are a very hot market niche, I've discovered, and I recommend trying it out if it sounds at all interesting to you. For successful birthday bracelet beading parties, the keys are to: enjoy kids, have a sense of fun, bring a lot of pink and purple beads (along with other colors), and wear comfortable clothes because you'll be sitting on the floor.

While I'm helping the girls make their bracelets at the party, they always want to know how I got into making jewelry. So I tell them about how doing something I love turned me into an entrepreneur, that I build my own websites, and that I invent my own job for myself every day by following opportunities that come up and thinking creatively about things. I can tell they're inspired by that, and I'm glad to plant seeds for future entrepreneurs!

To reach the bracelet beading party niche, I recommend making a nice flyer with a few enticing bracelet photos, a photo of a selection of beads, a brief party description, and your contact info.

Include a flyer for each birthday party guest to take home (most of the girls who are guests at one of my birthday beading parties want to have their own parties). Also inquire at your local elementary schools about including one of your flyers in students' weekly take-home folders. Many schools are happy to do this if you provide the flyer copies.

Other likely places to distribute birthday bracelet beading party flyers (with permission) include ballet / dance / gymnastics studios where girls take lessons; soccer / softball games; craft stores; and pottery painting stores.

About the Author

Rena Klingenberg is a jewelry artist and the publisher of, a collection of thousands of tips on marketing handcrafted jewelry. She also publishes, tips for trade show success on a small budget.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Birthday party crafts for age 10 to 12

Design your own T-shirt
Children like to design their own unique T-shirt of their own. This will be a very personalized gift for each child to bring home after the birthday party. This could be done easily and is inexpensive. Get plain T-shirt from any factory sales. You could get some iron on stickers. Get ready some design downloaded in your computer for the children to select. You could even take a photo of the party and load into the computer immediately and print them on the iron on stickers. Tear out and iron onto the T-shirt. Alternatively, you could use fabric paint or fabric pen to decorate the shirt. But before you start painting, remember to put a cardboard inside the T-shirt to prevent the paint bleed onto the other side of the shirt.

Friendship Bracelets
Making a friendship bends or bracelets to give to their beloved friends. This could be using beats, or beats with alphabet so that they could have their name on it. There are many different types of bracelets craft to choose from. Enter here and type in bracelets on the search box and Save on thousands of craft supplies at S&S Worldwide

Birthday party crafts for age 7 to 9

Little beads critters
You may purchase ready pack crafts which include metal hooks, satin cord and assorted beads. With clear simple instruction, each children could make their own cute little beads critters. There are various designs to choose from, like butterfly, bees, tortoise, etc.

Handmade puppet
A simple handmade puppet for each child and at the end of the day, each child get to bring them home. All you need is a plastic needle (so that you will not hurt the child), two pieces of precut felt of the animal and one more piece for the eyes or other features. You may also use other materials like laces, buttons and beads for the eyes, mouth and ear. Get ready some scissors and glue to be shared.

You can easily get ready pack handmade puppet set via internet craft shops.

Photo frame
Readily available at most craft shops, this come with pre-cut frames with easy instruction to put them together. Come with craft sticks, paint brushes and color paints and some accessories for decoration of the frame. Print a photo of the child during the birthday party to be placed in the frame will be a unique gift for every child to remember the great day.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Birthday party crafts for age 4 to 6

Sand Art
Each piece of paper come with pre-design pictures on it. The child will peal off the sticker and pour colourful sand on the sticky area. Spread the sand evenly with a toothpick and dust away the excess sand. Peal off another sticker for another colour to be placed on it. Continue until all stickers are pealed off and the pictures are filled with colourful sand.

Model Painting
Children like painting all kinds of object. So doing painting of doll, car, truck, house are fun activities that they enjoy. It also allow them to show their creativity with colours. This is easily available and each pack come with a set of multiples unpainted items, multiple paint brushes and colour paint.

Stained glass Frames
Make beautiful window art while learning about Mother Nature. 12 simple fun 6" x 6" designs (2 of each) focusing on air, land or water creatures. Decorate with tissue paper or stained glass paper sold separately below. Includes idea guide. Pack of 24.

The above craft are available on line, click the box below to view these craft and more. Key in the name of each item or key in "Craft" in the search box or click on the "art & craft supplies box".

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Birthday party crafts for age 3 and below

Design your own balloon clown
Prepare some balloons, use some colour papers to draw eye, mouth, ear, hand, leg, etc and cut them out. Each child will select a balloon and use the paper decorative to design their very own clown by sticking them on the balloon. Fix the balloon on the balloon stick and they will each carry a balloon of their own design.

Paper Figurines
Design cuttings of hand, face, hair, etc of different types. The child will fix them one by one together using glue to create these paper figurines. This is a simple task where anyone could just do it. The children will enjoy doing this together.

Get more craft idea and Save 10% on purchases of $99 or more, PLUS free shipping - use offer code B1964 (exp: 12-31-06)

Monday, November 06, 2006

Getting a birthday party organiser to assist in organising party crafts

You may check with party organisers if they provide helper to guide the children along in the birthday child party craft. This will enable you to leave this task with safe hands. However, if there isn't one, all these party crafts always come with simple instruction. Get a friend to help you to organise this on that day. Remember to read through and get it organised before hand as you should allocate most of your time during the birthday party to your child and the guests.

Do consider safety when organising child birthday party craft works, especially if you have very young children. Small items, sharp items should only be for the older children who know how to handle these items. Whoever assisting you with the children must ensure that safety precaution is taken to prevent any children from getting hurt.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Tips on organising birthday party craft

Other than just having games on a child birthday party, doing some craft work can be very interesting and meaningful. This is suitable for the more quiet children who like to sit down and enjoy doing up their crafts. A combination of two or three games and a craft will be good. At the end of the day, the children will be delighted to bring home their very own crafts. This would be very memorable and they will remember the great time they have during the birthday party. This sweet memory will also enhance the friendship between your child and his/her friends.

I will be recommending various crafts suitable for different age groups although some crafts are suitable for all ages. You can purchase these easily through the internet party stores. The prices are very reasonable, but range depending on the type of crafts you are getting. Based on your budget, you can select the one that best suits you. I recommend to buy these crafts off the shelves as you may not have time to prepare them, since they are inexpensive. Click to view some of these items on sales.

Another consideration is this: in spite of years of indoctrination from women's libbers, the fact remains that boys and girls like different sorts of crafts! If the craft seems a little girly, don't use it at boys. Stick with lace-up leather billfolds, Indian artifacts, dinosaur art, and similar projects. Girls will like beads and anything that's pink or purple. For a craft idea for kids birthday party where there are kids of both sexes, keep it on the boyish side and provide some pink materials to keep the girls happy.

An aspect of creativity that the non-creative types don't realize is that ideas spring from other ideas. That is, if you look over a book or website of craft ideas, may be none of them will appeal to you, but if you let them, they will spark an idea for a similar project. Use what you can and change what you must in the craft directions. For instance, the craft may have a slogan to be written across the front. If you need to change the slogan to fit your own needs, it's perfectly OK. For instance, the pictured project might say "Girls rock!" You can change that to "He is the Rock!" if that meets your VBS needs better.

A final suggestion is to realize that you don't have to change the instructions or create something new to have a good craft idea for kid use. Feel free to follow the instruction manual if that works better for you. The kids will have a great time either way. Just pick a craft idea, for kid's creativity beats adult's creativity most of the time! The kids will make it creative, even if you have doubts about your own ability in this area.

If you have the time and would like to organise and come up with your own unique craft materials, you may consider getting some books to assist you. Instead of knocking yourself out trying to come up with great children party crafts, you can have a bounty of ideas at your fingertips with this outstanding book Kid Party Crafts And Games!