Friday, April 11, 2014

When it comes to organising a Child Birthday Party and thinking of what to do to keep the children occupied and happy throughout the Birthday Party, it may seem challenging.  However, with some thoughts, you can create some easy tasks for them to do and I am sure they will be very happy and enjoy doing their craft.

Recently, I brought my child to a birthday party organised by my friend and I would like to share this craft that my child had made at the party.  It is easy yet interesting. It helps to bring out the creativity of each child and yet it is just very simple.

Basically, each child is given a drawing of a tree, what the kids have to do is to stick the various different types of buttons onto the trees to decorate it.  It takes a while to complete and keeps the children occupied, which saves the trouble of thinking up many different activities.  My daughter had enjoyed doing it and brought it home to hang up as display.

I hope sharing this provides you with more birthday party craft ideas!

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